JbakTools 1.12 EN Unsigned

Aug 6, 2009 ·

It's a software by JBAK (Juriy Bakunin) : developper of Reboot (application that reboots your S60 3rd device)...JbakTools is a package of tools that significantly simplifies text entry in the smartphone under upravleniey Symbian 9.x.

In complete such programs :
  • LangChanger-Fast switching to the Russian language to English
  • TextPockets program memory 20 is the last Clipboard stores custom text templates and allowing all embedded in the text fields other programs.
  • Peg buttons ABC. It is useful to highlight and copy text-now everything is done with one hand.
  • Processing of red tubes. Red tube may, depending on the choice of abandoning the program or kill them (kills iron). Plus, that red tube works for an incoming call, as it relies on.
  • Utility that allows learn nazhimaemoy code keys.
Now normally handled long keystroke. Moreover, switching language is not emulation keys. There is a possibility of rapid insertion phpBB code, a couple of handy templates for the site.
Before installing the need to delete the old versions LangChanger and TextPockets and possibly remove your C : / system / data / TextPockets

Download JbakTools 1.12 EN

Smartphoneware Best GSMNavigator v1.02 S60v3

Aug 5, 2009 ·

A useful tool working with GSM cells and GPS position data. It allows assigning various actions to be automatically performed while entering or exiting a specific location: play a sound, change profile, launch an application, send SMS or e-mail and many other actions.

Main features:
  • Grouping several GSM cells into one location and working with it;
  • Specifying a GPS position and accuracy radius for a location;
  • Sound and text alerts upon location change;
  • Assigning various actions performed upon entering or exiting a location;
  • Ability to rename GSM cells, tagging them with intelligible labels;
  • Detailed information on GSM cells;
  • Intuitive easy to use user interface;
What's new in Best GSMNavigator for S60 3rd edition 1.01:
  • Navigation options significantly improved with GPS location functionality;
  • Alarms configuration and functionality improved;
  • Language selection menu added;
Download Smartphoneware Best GSMNavigator v1.02 S60v3



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